Special Requests

Lengthening or Shortening:

You may adore a design, but would rather it were longer or shorter. Please measure a piece you currently have, that you love the length of, – by laying it down straight against a ruler. Please use that measurement in your request.

Lengthening and shortening is $ 14.95 per inch. Double strand pieces are  $24.95 per inch.  3 strand pieces are $36.95 per inch.


If you wish to order matching earrings for certain pieces, we are happy to build them.  They are created with Sterling Silver Fishhook fasteners, for pierced ears,  or clasps for non-pierced ears.

Earrings are $ 40.00 per pair.


Boxes are available. $ 4.95 per box.

Carefully packing – for shipping – your collection of wearable art – is a major priority!

Each piece in our collection is strength tested.

Shipping charges begin at $10.95 and will increase depending on the physical size and fragility of your order. 


We hope you adore the gift, and-or the additions to your collection of wearable art.

Each piece in our collection is strength tested before it is even-numbered or photographed.

Please email us at info@beadscapejewelry.com to arrange for a return authorization number. Please take photos of damaged packages, broken or damaged pieces, including date identification within the photo, within 3 days of receipt, or breakage event.


Bonnie Woodford-Potter
West Charleston, VT

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